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Exercise at the Beach!


How many days a week do you spend at the beach during the summer season? Make use of your day outdoors with some activity! Here’s how you can take advantage of the beach to add some exercise:

1- Let’s start with the obvious choice: Swimming! Yes after an hour under the sun working on your tan, take a dip in the pool twice and swim for at least 15 minutes each and you’ll burn at least 160 calories.

2- Running on the beach: Running on the sand gives some extra effort to your body and works extra muscles than regular running, allowing you to burn more calories. What’s better than a run at sunset and then jumping in the water to cool down?

3- Racket ball: A fun activity with a buddy under the sun, where you’ll get some exercise and tan at the same time!

4- Volleyball: Is the beach a gathering with all your friends? Set up a game of volleyball for some added activity once a week. All that running around after the ball will get you burning 300 calories in an hour even if you’re a beginner!

5- Make it a family day out! Go out with your children, play in the sand, run after them, get in and swim, walk around on the beach for some ice cream. All this activity adds up daily when compared to sitting.

What’s your favorite beach activity?

Author: Massar Dabbous

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