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7 Tricks for Staying Slim this Summer


Bikini season, tanning season, wedding season…Yes! Summer has arrived and this season brings with it many activities and events! This also means a change in your routine:  going out, eating out and more dinner invitations. So how can you enjoy the summer season and maintain your health? Here are 7 tips & tricks to keep in mind. 

Summer salads

When you find yourself dining out excessively, salads are great low calorie options. They are also refreshing on a hot summer day! Freshly tossed green leaves mixed with tomatoes and colorful veggies is just what you need. Packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep you energized. Add some avocado for a dose of healthy fat and you can make a meal out your salad.

Iced drinks

Be cautious with drinking fruit cocktails and the sweet iced teas; these will load you with sugar. Instead go for an iced black coffee, brew green tea yourself and add some ice, or when in doubt just choose water! Water is the best ‘go-to’ drink to stay hydrated. Try sparkling water with lemon, or change things up by flavoring your water with lemon or fruit slices. 

Eating out

As mentioned, salads are great meal choices. Three things to keep in mind when eating out is 1) shave off the calories where possible: skip the bread basket, ask for the sauce on the side, or go for grilled protein options. 2) Portion control: Eat half your usual amount or share a meal. 3) Pre-plan: If you know you are going for dinner, have a light lunch or choose a restaurant that offers healthy choices instead of a fast-food diner. 

Go for seafood

Fresh catch of the day! Fish and seafood are low calorie options for meals. Grill salmon, tuna, seabass, or shrimp for a meal rich in lean protein!

Seasonal fruits

Just like seafood, summer comes with its own season of fruits! Watermelon is definitely our favorite. Take advantage of this refreshing fruit to cool down, containing 92% water allowing you to eat your water too! Satisfy your sweet tooth with other seasonal options including cherries and blueberries.  

Avoid temptations at the beach

The beach comes with lots of temptations! Try to avoid the ice creams, sweet drinks, beer, and burgers! Choose fruits, carrots, or healthy options just like eating out! If you can’t resist, eat a healthy meal before the beach, that way you are full for a couple of hours and just hydrate under the sun. 

Take advantage of summer activities

This season brings with it the chance to add some outdoor activities that you missed during winter. Going for a weekend walk or hike can burn off some calories while enjoying fresh air. Try to add some swimming laps during your tanning session or volleyball is a great summer sport. Even the extra partying during the vacation has some health advantages: dancing can burn an average of 500 calories in one hour! Just remember to stay hydrated during hot activities and limit the fruity alcoholic drinks during your evenings out. 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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