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6 Workout Mistakes Keeping You from Getting Fit


Are you not losing the extra weight? You may be making at least one these mistakes when you are at the gym. 


Fitness is all about focus! I don’t just mean avoid any distractions like stop texting while you treadmill. But also stop multitasking your workout. Focus on one move, not many. A common mistake trying to get the quickest result is both lifting weights while working on movements. However, focusing on one move or one muscle group at a time allows you to perfect the technique and that way you get the most out of it, hence, burn more. 

2-Feeling sore so you skip the gym 

After an intense workout the previous day, you feel sore so you decide to stay in and watch your favorite TV show. Surprisingly, when you feel sore going back to the gym can be good for your muscles. However, just do some light exercises such as walking or stretching to relieve your aching instead of staying in bed.  

3-Too much routine

If you have one go-to workout or you go to the same cardio class weekly, this keeps your body in the comfort zone. So try to switch up your routine or try new classes to keep challenging your body. Similarly, if working out starts to feel really easy then you’re not workout out hard enough. You want your body to feel like something happened, your muscles have a ‘muscle memory’ so think of it as if your muscles have memorized the routine if your constantly doing the same thing. Add more weights or extra rounds to keep pushing them harder. 

4-You skip weights and rely on cardio only 

Okay, cardio classes may be more fun than strength training. However it’s the strength training exercises that will get you toned! Cardio will burn calories and increase your heart health, but it’s the weight lifting that will change your body composition. Muscle training will build and maintain muscles, increase your metabolism, and get you to burn more fat! Try going for two strength-training exercises per week in addition to cardio. Light weights or using your own body weight are a great place to start with muscle training, however, if you are getting used to the weight and its too easy then its time to go heavier.  Don’t just rely on more reps with lightweights go heavier to tone! Don’t worry you will not ‘bulk’ up unless you are spending hours at the gym. 

5-Yoga and Pilates make your muscles stronger

The truth is Yoga and Pilates are not strength training exercises to build and tone your muscles. These are great exercises to add into a fitness routine and will strengthen the core and improve flexibility, but they do not replace strength training. Add these to round out your workout routine. 

6- You work on one specific area to tone it up more

You may want more abs so you perform endless amounts of crunches. However, you probably already have abs underneath your stomach, you just can’t see it until you burn the fat. It’s all about full body exercises to burn fat. For example, use your entire core, add planks, rotations, twist and include squats and lunges. Use your whole body in a mixture of cardio and strength training exercises to tone it all up and get rid of the arm jiggle. 

We have to add the 7th rule, Diet!

You won’t get the results you need without changing your diet. The appropriate nutrition is needed to fuel your workout. You can’t eat too little or this will affect performance and you can’t eat too much or you won’t burn fat. If burning fat and weight loss is your goal than you won’t reach it by working out alone and eating the same foods. A healthy low calorie diet is needed to optimize your weight loss.  Therefore, combining your workout routine with an appropriate diet, according to your goal, will help get you the results you are looking for.

Author: Massar Dabbous

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