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Sneaky Calories


We all know the high fat, fried and sugary foods that are obvious to spot the high amount of calories! However, watch out for these everyday foods that may be sneaking calories into your daily food routine. Control them and you might just find yourself losing some weight!

The handful of raw almonds and walnuts:

Yes these are healthy snacks filled with healthy fats. However, watch out for them as they do contain calories. Eat them in moderation. One handful can reach up to 100 calories.

Your afternoon lemonade: 

If you’re drinking lemonade or other fruit juices daily watch out not to drink it in place of water on a hot day! Juices are filled with sugar that will add to your calorie count. 1 cup=120 calories

Dark chocolate

Yes dark chocolate is high in antioxidants as is lower in calories and more beneficial than the regular milk chocolate bars. However, control yourself from eating a whole bar as it still contains some calories. Treat yourself for a square during the day and make sure it is high in natural cocoa.

Just a little slice of cheese 

Our breakfasts, lunch and even dinner revolve around cheese. From that cheese sandwich in the morning to the turkey and cheese for lunch at the office or even the goat cheese in our salad! Cheese always sneaks up into our diet and we can’t have just one slice. Although it contains protein and calcium it does contain fat too! Limit cheeses when you’re trying to lose weight, and if you can’t live without it choose low fat options and control the slices because even the lighter versions contain calories.

That drop of oil

Are you an olive oil fanatic! If you’ve been reading about the health benefits of olive oil and splashing it everywhere, then you’ve been splashing some extra calories too! Olive oil is a healthy part of the Mediterranean diet, filled with healthy fats (MUFAs) but remember everything in moderation is key (1 teaspoon=45 calories). Replace other unhealthy fats like butter and cream with olive oil to avoid extra calories from fat.


What’s in your sandwich or salad sauce? Remember to check when ordering what the house sauce or cocktail sauce as they are usually made with mayonnaise and what might feel like a small spoon, actually adds up calories that aren’t good for your body. Switch to low fat yogurt when making salad sauce or add mustard in your sandwiches.

A few other extra calories…

1.       The lattes and coffee macchiato: the sugar syrup and full fat milk make this a high calorie drink

2.       Too much avocado in everything: Its healthy fat, but remember in moderation (1 avocado=400 calories )

3.       Ice popsicles: these still contain sugar 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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