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Boost Your Energy Today


With long days, do you feel yourself getting tired and drained? Everyone always feels like they need more energy—it improves your mood, decrease stress, and you become more productive throughout the day. Here’s how you can maximize your body’s potential and boost your energy without the extra caffeine fix or energy drinks. 

Your Breakfast

This meal can go both ways, it will either make or break your energy system for the entire day. High sugar meals such as waffles with syrup or chocolate cereal can give you a short sugar rush followed by a big sugar crash, leaving you feeling sluggish and drowsy. Skipping breakfast will also slow down you’re metabolism and drain your energy. 

A balanced breakfast is the best solution for combination of foods that will keep you going throughout the day. Keep in mind the breakfast formula below when choosing your meal, made up of 3 things: 

        1- Whole Grains: Healthy complex carbohydrates provide a slow release of fuel for the day

      2- Lean Protein: These include boiled eggs or low fat milk, yogurt, or cheese. These keep you full and         control the release of sugar with the carbohydrates, keeping energy levels stable

        3- Fruit: 1 portion of fruit 

Boiled egg on whole wheat toast with a fruit or a bowl of oats and yogurt topped with some strawberries are great examples of the breakfast formula. 


Dehydration, even mild, leads to a lack of energy with the same symptoms of sleepiness and lethargy. You may be dehydrated without even realizing, as the sign of thirst is you’re body’s last resort to tell you it needs water. Water is the best natural antioxidant. Remember to drink at least 8 cups of water per day. 

Work it Out

Studies have found that regular exercise improves fatigue and keeps you feeling energetic in the long run. Try to fit in some cardio into your schedule. So try going for a jog instead of taking a nap and this may lift your energy levels!

Say Goodbye to Sugar 

You may have heard this before, sugar has many negative effects on the body. Refined, simple sugar found in sweets leads to a high blood sugar spike (giving a short burst of energy), followed by a crash, leaving you feeling extremely tiresome. This can happen multiple times a day with every sweet snack you take, where you’ll be exhausted before the day ends. Are the sugars worth it? They are nothing but empty calories, containing no nutritional benefits.

The B vitamins

Add foods rich in B vitamins, one of their main functions in the body is for energy metabolism. They help the body release the energy from food to be used as fuel for power. Rich sources of B vitamins include leafy greens, nuts and seeds, and lean meats and fish. 


Ok, you might think routine is quite predictable and boring, but structuring your day is important. Try to wake up at the same time every day to synchronize your body with a daily schedule. Similarly, make sure you are getting enough sleep at night. Lack of sleep contributes to an energy drain so aim for at least 7-8 hours every night. 

A healthy lifestyle is the secret to keeping up your energy! 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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