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The Vacation Diet: How to keep the Weight off


All the fun of holidays comes with lots of eating, no routines, and indulgences! You don’t have to break your diet while traveling on holiday. Here’s how: 

Walking, for when you cheat!

Walking is your best friend. If you find yourself eating more than usual, walk it off or add more activity. This way you balance your energy intake and output. 


Five fruits and vegetables a day. Following this, allows for healthy snacking. Pack fruits, dried fruits; or carrot sticks as healthy snack alternatives. 

Choose carefully

When you have a choice especially with restaurant menus, choose the healthy alternatives (grilled, boiled…). Be smart at the buffets. Always keep the plate combo in mind for a well-balanced and filling meal. 


While on vacation, you can have a cheat meal or indulge in an extra dessert. However, when that occurs eat light on the next meal but don’t skip meals. This may occur with brunch if you have a big breakfast then go light on lunch. Similarly, remember to portion control that way you can eat what you want but still limit some excess calories. 

Don’t drink your calories 

Be careful with sweetened beverages, juices and alcoholic drinks. These add up calories and will not fill you up. Hydrate with water (it’s 0 calories!), especially if you are on vacation in a sunny city! 

Lastly, don’t stress. It may be rare to lose weight while on holiday, however, if you follow these tips then at least you won’t gain any weight! Once you are back to routine, then you can follow your diet all the way through. Your vacation may be a good test for you to see if you can maintain your weight when out of routine. 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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