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NutriWorks Healthy Gift Guide


Are you Christmas shopping? Here are a few gift ideas for a health enthusiast or those trying to get healthy! 


Smoothies and healthy juices are the latest trend! For those who love to juice, it’s a great gift to get creative in the kitchen! What better way to get your fruit, vegetable and vitamin servings! 

Activity Tracker

This is a great idea for the tech lover! There are many fitness trackers with different features including counting steps, exercise, calories burned, distance, heart rate and sleep monitoring. A great way to get motivated and stay active!

Yoga Kit 

The gift of yoga! Why not consider providing an introductory yoga kit, equipment, or a package of classes for your favorite yogi! 

GoPro Camera

For the athletic relative or friend who loves to spend time outdoors, this makes the perfect gift. They will sure love this action camera to keep a record of all the crazy adventures that happen! 


We all know that one person who loves to dance! Gift a Zumba DVD set and you’ll find everyone get of the couch and shake to the music! The more you dance, the more calories burned! 

Kitchen Scale 

The greatest gift for the one already trying to get healthy. A great way to measure and prepare portion sizes and make sure your eating the exact calorie amount! It also makes a great gift to those who love to bake and make the perfect recipe!  

Author: Massar Dabbous

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