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Healthy Holiday Eating


Holiday parties? Well NutriWorks has got you covered with some tips to control your eating without breaking your diet! 

During the day 

Stay in shape: Wake up early and squeeze in a morning jog on the treadmill to burn last night’s plate of pasta! 

- Don’t skip meals: Even if you are going to a big dinner, don’t skip meals and arrive hungry. Eat balanced meals throughout the day. 

Eat this for a light lunch: Quinoa Salad 

At the party

- Control holiday snacking: Take care with the snacks and appetizers such as the cheese plate, mini pizza, charcuterie and nuts!  

- Sip Smart: Choose low calorie drinks when ordering, and try to limit to 1-2 drinks. Sip on sparkling water in between and spend your time socializing!

Eat this for an appetizer: 

  • Raw cut vegetables with fresh tomato salsa dip 
  • Grilled Shrimp Cocktails with avocado dip 
  • Grilled Zucchini Rolls stuffed with red peppers and spices 

The big meal

- Grilled fish, turkey or chicken breast is always healthiest meat choices, and it’s best to eat them with as little sauce and stuffing as possible.  

- Choose salad or grilled vegetables as sides. These also add healthy variety at the dinner table.

- Exercise portion control especially with all the carbs like potatoes, rice and bread rolls.

Try this for a healthy side: 

  • Grilled Green beans with herbs
  • Grilled mushroom with coriander and garlic 
  • Roasted carrots with rosemary and a honey glaze 


We can’t resist the signature bouche de noel! If you’re tempted by dessert just take a bite to taste- Think Small! 

Indulge in this for a sweet tooth:  

Author: Massar Dabbous

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