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Bored on the Treadmill? 5 Tricks to Stay Active!


If you’re starting your cardio but are de-motivated  on the treadmill, try these few tricks to keep you going:  

1. Race the person next to you: This is a fun way for some healthy competitive motivation. You can always  choose to run with a friend to keep you distracted and make your workout time go faster.  
2. Perfect your form: pay attention to how you are running, this way you won’t slack off and make any corrections such as improving your stride. This way you will know you are running efficiently.  
3. Jam to your favorite music: A great upbeat workout playlist is the best way to stay motivated.  
4. Go for intervals: Interval running keeps you busy with different motions going from low intensity jogs to high intensity sprints. 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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