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Guide to Clean Eating before Summer!


Clean eating involves whole, natural foods and can help keep your body healthy and lose extra weight without an extreme ‘diet’.  We’ve put together a few simple guidelines and meal plan to show you how to eat clean and shed a few kilos just in time for the summer season! 

Limit Processed Food: choose whole and natural ingredients to create your daily meals and limit processed foods such as sugary cereals for breakfast. 

A bowl of whole oats and yogurt 
Spinach egg-white omelette  

Natural Snacks: A great natural energy boost are whole fruits and vegetables or raw nuts and seeds to keep you full for longer that are nutrient rich and your body needs. Skip the packaged snacks filled with fat and added sugar. Experiment with ingredients and make your own homemade snack! 

Morning Snack: 
Fruit Salad with raw almonds and pistachios
Energy bites: combine dates, walnuts, chia seeds, coconut shavings with natural nut butter. 
Afternoon Snack: 
Home-made oat muffins with pumpkin seeds 
Whole grain crackers with cottage cheese

 Lean meals: Choose lean protein such as fish, chicken, and beans paired with whole grains and vegetables. Go green with your salads at every meal and limit your salt intake.  Keep it lean by grilling, steaming, or baking! 

Lunch or Dinner: 
Mediterranean quinoa salad with aubergine and chickpeas 
Kale Caesar salad with chicken and roasted pine nuts
Grilled Fish with steamed broccoli and brown rice 

Drink wisely: Limit sweet juices and cocktails, soda, caffeine and alcohol. Water is the best detox drink. Choose herbal teas such as green tea, jasmine, or mint tea for beverage choice in between meals. 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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