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Diary of a Morning Runner


If you’re always saying that you’ll wake up early and go for a run before you start off your day, now is the time to start! The weather is drying up and the days are getting longer and an early morning run is as good as a cup of coffee to wake you up! Take it from a regular running enthusiast, Sarah, who’ll give you a few tips on how she does it:  

Prep the night before 

I have my breakfast prepared the night before in the fridge (banana and oatmeal of course!), my fitness clothes ready, and my iPod charged. This way I don’t have to worry about all these in the morning, they’re just waiting for me to wake up! Now waking up isn’t always easy so I always set up 2 alarms (or maybe 3), one to wake me and the second means I’m out of bed! It also helps to stay consistent, by waking up the same time everyday so your body gets used to it. Know where you're running, I always map out the route I'm going to take and the distance which helps me prepare.  

Make it a gathering  

It’s always fun to run with a buddy. I try and workout with a friend during the week then we both head off to work after. It also makes it easier to get up in the morning when I know my friend will be waiting.  I don't skip out on my workout during the weekends, that way I keep my running rhythm going. I try and encourage my family to join in and we make it an active family day.  

Start small  

It won’t happen overnight, set small goals in the morning to get you started off in the beginning such as a short power walk near the house or office. I started my routine walking and over time I’ve increased my speed and intensity. One of the benefits of exercise is its great for boosting your mood. It might be difficult the first few times to get up and run however, you’ll start to love it over time and will be excited to get up in the morning.  

It starts my day with a bang!  

Working out in the morning gives me energy throughout the day. I become more productive and energized without feeling sluggish in the afternoon. It’s a great first step to starting out healthy and it gets me eating healthier too. I stock up on healthy morning breakfasts and my office is filled with healthy post workout snacks for when I'm done with my workout.  


Are you a morning runner? Let us know some of your tips in the comments!  




Author: Massar Dabbous

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