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Your Home Gym!


You’re at home gym! 

Workout in the comfort of your own home with all the equipment you need found in your living room! Try out this 

Tricep dips: Use a chair 

The chair can be used for several workout moves at home; our favorite is the tricep dips for great looking toned arms. 


Make sure your furniture is steady

Sit facing away from the chair with feet together and with both palms pressed on the edge

Keep your feet flat, bend the elbows 90 degrees and lower yourself toward the floor, then lift to start position. 

Repeat 10 reps * 3 sets 

Pushups: Floor 

A full body move that works out your entire muscles but with the proper technique.


Bend forward and place your hands on the floor aligned with your shoulders. 

Keep your legs back and keep your body (shoulders, back, hips and torso) in a straight line and abs tight , do not slouch down.

Modified: bend your knees and cross your feet at the ankles keeping your upper body in a straight line

Lower yourself to the floor, and then push your torso away from the floor and lift. 

Repeat 10 reps * 3 sets 

Squats: Wall 

Tone your legs and glute muscles and improve your form with this modified squat against the wall. 


Stand with your back against the all and your feet hip distance apart in front of you. 

Bend your knees 90 degrees and decline. Keep your thighs in a parallel position 

Hold for 30 seconds then stand up. 

Repeat 10 reps * 3 sets 

Shoulders: Water bottles 

Use filled water bottles to add some weights into your workout In place of dumbbells for a shoulder press. 


Stand straight with feet shoulder apart (knees slightly bent)

Hold bottles besides the head with the elbows pointed down 

Lift and press the bottles over the head, return to start position and repeat.

Repeat 10 reps * 3 sets 

*You can use water bottles to work out the biceps also. 

Stairs: Step exercises cardio 

Stairs are a great simple cardio workout to increase your heart rate and burn fat. The Cardio stair run is the ultimate interval training so just as the name implies try it out below. 


Time yourself for 30 seconds to run up quickly. 

Walk down and repeat. 

Author: Massar Dabbous

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